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Safe Cycle for High Schools is a curriculum resource for Years 7-10 that aims to increase the confidence and skills of high school students to travel actively to and/or from school. This online course is only available to ACT high schools involved in the It's Your Move: Safe Cycle for High Schools program. If you would like to be involved in the program please contact itsyourmove@act.gov.au

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The Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education at the Year 7&8 level focuses on a student’s transition into high school which brings greater autonomy in their food choices. Food&ME Years 7&8 teaches students to take positive action to improve their health. All content is developed by Nutrition Australia ACT and links to the Australian Curriculum and the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

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Entrepreneurs: It’s Your Move (IYM) is an innovative, award-winning curriculum where students follow the design thinking and entrepreneurial process to produce solutions to improving the health of their school community. IYM is practical, interactive and fun, with strong links to Technology and HPE. Teaching resources support a variety of flexible options for delivery.  If you would like to be enrol in the course please contact itsyourmove@act.gov.au

This course has been TQI-Accredited for three hours. Your hours will be confirmed automatically within 10 days of course completion. You will need to complete all aspects of the course to be eligible.